Analyze community engagement during conferences, do polls with Speecheo

June 24, 2022 0 Comments

Public appearances in conferences and trade shows often smaller in size than they are in person. If you are attending a conference with Speecheo, it will allow you to understand the community’s engagement during your conference appearance.

During a conference, there may be opportunities to engage your audience through Polls or Quizzes with Speecheo. These polls can help you understand your target audience better and help you optimize future public appearances.

Attendees at a conference can be very engaged in the event. Speecheo polls were conducted during a recent PWA Summit to see how many people attended and also how many people would be willing to engage with the speakers.

Speeches are not always well received by all attendees, but overall, it seemed like most people enjoyed them. This is important when it comes to audience engagement because conferences are supposed to help professionals build relationships and expand their network.

Speeches are vital for public appearances during conferences because most often they speak on behalf of the company they work for rather than themselves.

Speecheo is an AI-based marketing tool that generates automated speech-to-text transcriptions of user’s audio interactions with the tool during any type of event.

The company introduced its first beta version at SXSW 2018 and it was a hit among attendees. The company also did surveys at the conference to see how engaged people were with their app, how many people used it and what they thought about it.

Speecheo is a community engagement platform that lets people take polls during conferences to get collective data on what attendees want. Speeches and presentations as well as panels could be built around this.

Speeches and presentations as well as panelists could get insights from the data gathered from the event using their app and understanding audience’s interests during their events.

Analyzing these numbers will give planners an idea of which topics are most important to the community and may help with future planning.

A few years ago, it was hard for organizers of conferences to reach out to their intended audiences – many of them were in remote locations without phone service or internet access, but now with live streaming video, anyone can participate in these events no matter where they are.

With the help of Speecheo, we can analyze the community engagement during conferences. For instance, we can create polls and see what are the most interesting topics of conversation at the moment. This way, we know if there is any discussion following a specific topic that would need our attention.

Speecheo is an algorithm-driven social media company that publishes social media content from your customers and prospects. With one click, your team can publish a blog post or slide deck to share highlights with customers and potential leads in real time.

Speecheo offers a variety of widgets useful for event planners, speaker engagement, surveys, or polls.

Speeches can be problematic when it comes to public speaking and communications. You end up talking to the same few people over and over again. That’s where Speecheo can come in handy. With the tool you can create polls that help build relationships with your speakers and audience at conferences, during speeches, and other social events.